More Than Atwater Village Houses for Sale: Leasing Options

Atwater Village Houses for Sale

Have you been looking at Atwater Village houses for sale? Or are you looking for a leasing opportunity? Here at The Local Real Estate Group, we’ve helped so many to move into the NELA community of their choosing. As of this writing, we have a leasing opportunity available at 3456 Garden Ave. This could be exactly what you’ve been searching for due to so many reasons. 

The Past Meets the Present

As you may know, many of the homes in Atwater Village go back about a hundred years to the 20s. This building was made in the 20s, yes. However, since then, it’s gone through extensive modern updates. Even then, always, the original features were successfully and seamlessly paired with those updates, making for a home that combines the best of the past as well as the present. 

Case in point: the arched windows and high barrel ceilings come from another time, another era, all with their vintage detail. That said, the kitchen has the kinds of granite counters that suggest the best of today’s styles and functionality. 

A House that Could Be Your Home 

Two bedrooms feature generous closet space, making sure that anyone who lives here has their own space, their own privacy. While there’s plenty inside the property, there’s plenty outside of it as well. To that end, there’s a private side yard as well as a shared backyard. Beyond that, there’s a front patio as well. 

This patio is a true patio, with plenty of space for both a bistro table as well as an area to just kick back and soak in the Southern California sun. The fruit trees in the backyard provide plenty of shade, should you decide to have a picnic and/or a party during the spring and summer months. 

Right At Atwater Village 

The strengths of this property aren’t limited to just the property itself. Indeed, its location opens up so much of Atwater Village. See, when you’re here, you’ll be just a block from Glendale Boulevard. That means all of Atwater Village, essentially, is within walking distance. 

The shops, the restaurants, the bars, the farmer’s market – you can be there in just a few minutes. Then, just as quickly, you can return home. This property has just about everything you could want to truly experience Atwater Village. 

Atwater Village Houses for Sale

Atwater Village Houses for Sale and More 

We used the phrase “of this writing” in the opening paragraph of this blog because, quite frankly, by the time you read this, this property could be gone. That’s not something to worry about, as we’re always getting new properties, always finding new ways to help folks to get into Atwater Village and NELA. 

That said, if you’re looking to sell your home, we can help there, too. Indeed, we’ve helped so many to get what they wanted (or more) for their NELA property. For a free home evaluation, simply call us or send us a message through our site.