Homes for Sale in Northeast Los Angeles to Develop, Expand, and More

Homes for Sale in Northeast Los Angeles

Are you searching for a private residence that feels truly private? Do you want a property on a prime lot that could be reimagined into exactly what you want it to be? That describes many of the homes for sale in Northeast Los Angeles that we offer here at The Local Real Estate Group. That said, it’s a perfect description of a home we’re currently offering at 1260 S Arroyo Boulevard in Pasadena. There are many reasons this stands out from the rest. 

Your Private Enclave 

When we say “private,” we mean that this property is “private.” Both walled off and gated from the street, this property is removed as can be. Even once you’ve gotten through the two driveway gates, there’s a majestic pine in the front, further establishing that this property is a world unto its own. 

Of course, just because it’s “private” that does not mean, in any sense of the word, that it’s “isolated.” Indeed, it’s right there at the corner of Arroyo and Columbia in Pasadena, meaning that it’s just a short drive away from not just the rest of Pasadena but elsewhere in LA, too. 

A Blank Canvas, Inside and Out 

If you’ve been looking for a property in an incredible location to make your own, this can be yours to do with as you see fit. Case in point: so much of it has been removed. The kitchen fixtures, the kitchen cabinets, one of the bathrooms – you can design this property to what you want it to be to fit your needs. 

Now, just because it’s a “blank canvas,” that does not mean that it’s barren or something. Far from it. The four bedrooms, the other bathroom (adding up to two total) and more give you something that can provide the foundation for the life you want to live. 

A True Estate 

“Estate” really is the right word to describe this property. For example, not only is there a semi-circular drive connecting to the front yard, but, once you’ve gone through the home and come out the back patio, you’ll see the gently terraced garden. 

That, of course, lends to a one-bedroom guest house. It has its own separate entrance gate, too. This property, much like the person who buys it, is ready for its next chapter. 

Homes for Sale in Northeast Los Angeles

Beyond Homes for Sale in Northeast Los Angeles 

It’s entirely possible that you read to this point and thought: “Gee, that all sounds pretty great, but I wasn’t really looking for a property that I would like to develop so much.” Or, alternatively, maybe you’re looking for something somewhere in NELA other than Pasadena. We can help there, too. 

Here at The Local Real Estate Group, we have properties for sale all throughout Los Feliz, Atwater Village, Silver Lake, Glassell Park, and elsewhere. 

It’s possible that, by the time you’ve read this blog, this property is no longer on the market. We can still help you to reach your real estate goals. Reach out to us today through our site or by giving us a call.