Homes for Sale in Atwater Village

Are you looking for a community that’s as iconic as it is walkable? Do you want to live somewhere that has a lengthy history yet is still on the rise? Those are just some of the reasons that people move into Atwater Village. Here at The Local Real Estate Group, we have helped so many folks to find the right house for sale in Atwater Village to suit them. By that same token, we can also help you to get the most for yours. Our team of locals is genuinely local to Atwater Village. After all, our office is right here on Glendale Blvd. 



Walkable Wonderland 

The “walkable” nature of Atwater Village can’t be overstated. You could pass by a cool new bar that’s been written up in dozens of local websites, a buzzy new store with fashion from far-flung locales, and a restaurant that you’ve seen in multiple movies and TV shows – and that’s just on one block. Personally, as locals ourselves, we’re partial to Villa Corona’s breakfast burritos and all they’ve got at the Proof Bakery, but just taking a quick stroll through the neighborhood is enough for you to find multiple favorites. 


More to See and Do That We Could Include on One Page 

With all of the restaurants and bars here in Atwater Village, it’s natural to think that all there is to do here is eat, but that’s far, far from the case. Indeed, there’s so much you can do outside it’s easy to work off all those delicious calories. The LA River has been restored, and that bike path is as gorgeous and long as you’ll find anywhere. Between the Farmer’s Market every Sunday, the Urban Lumberjack neighborhood stroll, and more, you’d have to work pretty hard not to find something cool to do here. 


The Architectural Style of a House for Sale in Atwater Village 

The architecture in Silver Lake is just as striking as all of the restaurants and shops (if not more so). It’s easy to lose yourself just wandering the tree-lined streets and taking in the Bungalows, the Spanish-style homes, the Tudor ones, and more. But, remember: we can help you to find an Atwater Village home that meets your exact, specific needs. For the most part, the homes here are priced between the low $800s and $2.5 million. If you’re looking to sell, we know plenty of folks that are motivated to become a part of this particular village. 


Restaurants, Nightlife, and a Great Location 

It’s important to remember that the name “Atwater Village” isn’t just some cute affectation: this really is a community, a true “village” indeed. We’re proud to both be a part of it and to welcome people into it. Indeed, we host an annual Block Party, which is just one of the ways that we’re always glad to be able to give back. Something folks tend to forget about this village: it’s more centrally located than people realize. When you’re here, you’re only about half an hour from Burbank/the airport and DTLA. This is a great place to build a foundation for wherever it is your journey’s headed. 


Atwater Village Real Estate and Beyond 

If you’re interested in an Atwater Village property, we’ll be honest: they’re in high demand. The good news is, though, as locals, we know where to find them and how to help you find the right one for you and not anyone else. That said, if you’re looking to sell your Atwater Village property, we know how to make that work in your favor, too. No matter what your real estate goals may be, reach out to us and we’ll help you make them a reality.