Homes for Sale in Highland Park

Do you want to move into a big, vibrant community? A place that has just about everything, from incredible views to even more incredible homes, packed with everything from parks to creatives, to great schools and more? That’s just some of what makes up Highland Park. Like so many of the communities in northeast LA, Highland Park has gone through some massive changes. There are plenty of reasons that purchasing a house for sale in Highland Park has become more popular than ever. Here at the Local Real Estate Group, we can help you to move into Highland Park or to sell your Highland Park property. 



The Biggest and Maybe the Best of Northeast LA 

Geographically, Highland Park is the biggest of the NELA (Northeast Los Angeles) boroughs. However, you can really see that size when you’re in Highland Park, as it just contains so much. Indeed, we have sold many properties throughout Highland Park for a wide range of prices, anywhere from the high $700s to well over $2 million. Our team of locals really are locals, having lived in or around Highland Park for much of (if not all of) their lives. As such, we know the neighborhood and know how to best get you into it. Or, alternatively, we can appeal to those who you may wish to purchase your property in it. 


A Unique Community (to Say the Very Least) 

There are many reasons that, when people hear “Highland Park,” they tend to associate it with creatives. Here, you’ll find any number of artists, from those in show business to those who wish to be inspired by spending every day surrounded by those who’ve had a commitment to art in their lives. You don’t have to be in the arts yourself to experience that: Highland Park’s streets are the very definition of pedestrian-friendly, so while you’ll probably want a car (of course), Highland Park is a genuine community, somewhere you can walk around and truly experience. 


What a Day in the Life in Highland Park Can Be 

There is far, far too much to do in Highland Park that could ever be summed up in many pages let alone a single paragraph. That said, many have walked the streets in the morning, taking in the parks as well as the architecture, only to find their way to the Bob Baker Marionette Theater. Afterwards, you can head to Homestate for tacos, get cocktails at Gold Line (or both). The next day, you can find yourself on a whole new adventure. 


Iconic Homes and Architectural Styles 

On the subject of Highland Park’s architecture, you’ll find there’s a wide range available here. While there’s plenty of Ranch to go around, and any number of Bungalows as well, the Mid-Century Modern really stands out. Our team of Highland Park locals can direct you to the properties that are just right for your needs. If you’re looking to sell, of course, we can also make sure that your property gets “in front of,” so to speak, those who are most motivated to be a part of Highland Park. 


Finding the Right House for Sale in Highland Park and Beyond 

Highland Park may be the biggest of the NELA boroughs, but there’s just so much here throughout Northeast LA. Indeed, so many of our clients who have sold their properties in one borough have gone looking for one right nearby. Whether you’re looking to move in or move on, we can help you through every step of the process. To see all of the properties available at our site, click here. You can also call us to see how we can help you to reach the full potential of your real estate goals.