Homes for Sale in Eagle Rock

Have you been looking to move to the Los Angeles area, but aren’t really looking to move into Los Angeles itself? Do you want to put down roots in a community that’s got plenty to offer and is still growing? Those are just some of the reasons that more folks than ever are moving into Eagle Rock. A local real estate agent from The Local Real Estate Group here can help you to find your perfect house for sale in Eagle Rock, or, if you’re selling, to get you your dream price. 



A House for Sale in Eagle Rock to Fit You 

For many, over the years, Eagle Rock was seen as a corridor between LA and Pasadena. It, of course, has become so, so much more than that. That duality has given it a style all its own. The architecture features plenty of Spanish colonial revival properties as well as Ranchman types. The mid-century modern look can be seen all over, too. For the most part, homes are priced here anywhere from between the high $700s to around $2 million. 


A Community to Build Roots In

There are plenty of great schools throughout Southern California, however, some of the very best are right here in Eagle Rock. Multiple award-winning schools call Eagle Rock home. Beyond that, the friendly streets are lined with trees as well as welcoming neighbors, so we’ve helped plenty to move into Eagle Rock and put down the roots that last a lifetime. With this location, you can enjoy the best of LA, Burbank, and Pasadena as well as for a long time to come. 


A Place to Party, a Place to Rock 

The above having been said, there’s far more than enough to see and do all throughout the Eagle Rock area. Of all the NELA boroughs, (and as locals who enjoy a cheap eat we are more than qualified to make this statement), Eagle Rock very well be the best borough for eating well without spending big: from Pete’s to Cindy’s to The Oinkster and so many more. That said, if you’re looking for a fancy meal, Colombo’s, Little Beast, and elsewhere class up the joint. Eagle Rock is one of those places you could come to in the afternoon and find before you know it you’ve been here all night. 


“An Enclave of Counterculture” 

The exact line from Wikipedia about Eagle Rock is that it’s “known for being an enclave of counterculture.” Just spending a few minutes here can show you just how accurate that is. Part of that is nearby Occidental College but the majority of that is just Eagle Rock. That really shows just how much Eagle Rock contains. There are few neighborhoods indeed that can include the counterculture, city living, tree-lined streets/friendly neighbors and schools whose list of awards are lengthy indeed. In a very real way, Eagle Rock combines the best of several different worlds.  


More Than Just an Eagle Rock Real Estate Agent Team

Even though this page has touched on so much of what Eagle Rock already has, it’s important to remember that Eagle Rock is still growing, people move to Eagle Rock all the time. If you’d like to be one of them, we very well may be able to help. By that same token, if you’re looking to sell your Eagle Rock property, as locals, we know how to help you to get the very best deal for it. If you have real estate goals, our team of real estate professionals have a proven track record of making those a reality. Reach out to us today and we’ll see how we can help you, too.