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Story Behind the Sale

Story Behind the Sale


At The Local Real Estate Group, it’s all about the details. When it comes to making your dream home stand out, we do things a little differently, and it’s all in the heartwarming, genuine touches we add. In this case, the sellers of this beautiful Silver Lake 1930’s Traditional home used Compass Concierge for their renovations and repairs, so they had no up front costs until closing. Here’s what was accomplished in bringing this home to market:


  • Curated and sourced a selection of eight new light fixtures, ensuring a tasteful integration that exudes a refined feel throughout the space.
  • Executed a comprehensive rejuvenation with fresh paint adorning every interior and exterior wall. Colors were meticulously chosen to enhance the interplay of light and architecture.
  • Embraced a minimalist ethos by removing outdated A/V cable equipment and purging extraneous clutter, allowing the home’s inherent beauty to shine unencumbered.
  • Transformed the pool house into a sanctuary of modern luxury, with refinished counters, replaced doors, and updated curtains.
  • Paid homage to the vintage charm of the bathroom while infusing it with contemporary elements, striking a delicate balance between tradition and innovation.
  • Demonstrated resourcefulness by selectively replacing dishwasher buttons, eschewing the need for an entire appliance overhaul without compromising functionality or style.
  • Elevated the home’s exterior appeal through meticulous landscaping enhancements, creating a captivating first impression that set the stage for an enjoyable journey throughout.
  • Transcended the ordinary with a back porch transformation, where meticulous sanding, staining, and removal of awnings breathed new life into the outdoor space.
  • Infused the dining room with a renewed sense of elegance and refinement, courtesy of carefully selected curtains and a chandelier that serves as the crowning jewel of the space.


At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that a $1 investment should ideally yield $5, and this principle resonated profoundly with this Silver Lake home. We’re here to not only help you strategically prep, properly price, and thoughtfully present your home in the best light but to get you the best outcome possible.



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