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At The Local Real Estate Group, it’s all about the details. When it comes to making your dream home stand out, we do things a little differently, and it’s all in the heartwarming, genuine touches we add. In this case, the sellers of this beautiful 1930’s Spanish home used Compass Concierge for their renovations and repairs, so they had no up front costs until closing. Here’s what got completed to get their home market-ready:

  • Paint:

    • Drew inspiration from the refined palette of 3734 San Rafael, a city synonymous with architectural charm.
    • Inherited a palette honed through extensive color testing during the restoration of San Rafael.
    • Repainted every wall surface, ensuring a seamless blend of colors that stood the test of meticulous selection.
  • Lighting:

    • Upgraded nearly every light fixture to align with the distinctive style and era of the home.
    • Infused the interiors with a luminous ambiance, emphasizing the significance of thoughtful illumination.
  • Bathroom Renovation:

    • Undertook a full-scale bathroom transformation, including the addition and removal of walls and a redesigned shower enclosure.
    • Sourced floor and wall tiles, a new vanity, mirror, and light fixtures for a cohesive and elegant aesthetic.
  • Kitchen Facelift:

    • Introduced a new tile floor, quartz countertop, and light fixtures to rejuvenate the kitchen space.
    • Installed a new oven/range, surrounded by bespoke cabinetry painted to perfection.
  • Attention to Detail:

    • Thoughtfully considered every detail, from kitchen hardware to the dining room chandelier.
    • Meticulously replaced a vintage broken bathroom towel bar to seamlessly match the existing decor.
  • Electrical Restoration:

    • Restored electric in half of the house, addressing outages and ensuring a harmonious blend of modern functionality.
  • Landscaping:

    • Undertook a comprehensive landscaping effort, cleaning up and adding dozens of plants.
    • Transformed the patio through grading and graveling, creating an outdoor retreat that complements the interior rejuvenation.


At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that a $1 investment should ideally yield $5, and this principle resonated profoundly with this Glassell Park home.


With over a decade of dedicated service to the Northeast Los Angeles neighborhoods, our local expert team is ready to make your property market-ready. We are committed to delivering consistent, outstanding results because we genuinely care about our community and the homes within it. When it’s time to buy or sell, choose a team that’s not just about real estate but about making houses into homes.


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