Real Estate in Echo Park: Where it’s Been and Where It’s Going

Have you been considering purchasing or leasing a property in Echo Park? Are you looking around Southern California, trying to find which neighborhood would be right for you and yours? As a company that provides real estate in Echo Park as well as the surrounding area, we can tell you that we’re quite proud to not just offer properties here, but to live here as well. Echo Park has been around for more than 120 years and it’s one of the most livable places not just in LA, but anywhere. 

An Eden Originally Called “Edendale”

Before Echo Park was called “Echo Park,” the area had the lovely name of “Edendale.” If that sounds vaguely familiar, there’s a reason for that: essentially, it was the birthplace of early Hollywood. Originally established in 1892, this is where many of the most legendary silent films were filmed with the silent film stars you remember. The Echo Park Lake (which you’ve seen in countless movies and TV shows) was completed in 1868 and is deserving of its iconic status. 

Echo Park Today 

Today, Echo Park is as diverse as can be. Yes, many movie and TV stars still live here, but you’ll find artists and entrepreneurs of all kinds here, too. Indeed, many spend their time in Echo Park either around the lake, or on Sunset Boulevard or Echo Park Ave, but there’s always plenty to see and do here as well. Elysian Park has more trails than a person could walk in a lifetime, but if you want a real workout, the Berkely staircase beckons. Of course, if you’re here in Echo Park, odds are good that, at one time or another, you’re headed to Chavez Ravine to take in a Dodger game. 

Echo Park Experiences 

There’s simply no room to list all of the restaurants and bars in Echo Park. To do so wouldn’t just be its own blog, it’d be its own webpage. Some of our favorites include Taix, Sage, and Mohawk Blvd. But, we also understand that you aren’t always interested in a big, sit-down formal dinner. Thus, some less expensive (but no less delicious) meals include Low Boy, Guisados, and the appropriately named “Sticky Rice Echo Park.” When you’re here, there are plenty of shops and shows to take in, too. 

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Our Real Estate in Echo Park Can Be Yours 

At The Local Real Estate Group, we work very hard to put people with the right properties. But, that having been said, these neighborhoods sure help our jobs. Echo Park is the kind of neighborhood that, for well more than a century, people have wanted to be a part of. There’s always something going on here, always something to experience, day or night, every day of the year. To see how you can find a property that can put you right in the middle of it, whether you’re buying or leasing, we encourage you to check out our listings and reach out to us.