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Have you been looking for a unique home with a style all its own? Do you want a home in a great location, where you’re close to all that LA has to offer yet you can still sit back and take in the sunset at the end of every day? That’s exactly what our Glassell Park real estate agent team has to offer. As of this writing, we have a home for sale at 4658 W Avenue 41 in Glassell Park that is, in many ways, the best of all worlds. 

The Character of the Past… 

One of the very first features of this home that guests notice (beyond the spacious rooms and hardwood floors) is the perfectly sized breakfast nook that comes complete with a “milk box.” If that sounds unique, it is, because it hasn’t been at the height of style since the 1930’s. The purple and black tile work is the original, installed decades ago. 

Whenever and wherever possible, this home’s old-world Spanish character has been preserved to make it a true classic. 

… Updated for the Future 

Having said that, there’s nothing “old” about this home at all. Case in point: the ensuite bath in the primary bedroom has been fully updated. The kitchen was “refreshed,” (to say the very least) with both clay tile flooring as well as quartz counters. The terracing around the rear yard adds a modern touch to the incredible views of the sunset and surrounding environs. 

Speaking of the rear yard, the flat pad makes it possible to have parties with your friends, family, and others year-round as well. 

A Home with So Much to Love 

As this home is perched atop the street, when you come home at the end of the day, you can leave all of your cares and worries aside. That said, it’s not like you’re fully isolated here. Indeed, as this property is right on the edge of Glendale and Glassell Park, it has easy, simple access to the 2 Freeway. 

With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, this is the perfect place to raise a family, to settle down, or to figure out what the next step in life is. This is the kind of property that someone can really make into a home. 

Glassell Park Real Estate Agent

More Than Just a Glassell Park Real Estate Agent Team 

We mentioned “as of this writing” in the first paragraph because, by the time you come across this blog, it’s entirely possible that this home has been sold. If that happens, there’s no reason to fret. Indeed, our NELA real estate team has plenty of wonderful properties that could absolutely fit your needs. 

That having been said, if you’re looking to sell your NELA property, we can help there, too. Our team has a proven track record of helping clients to reach all of their real estate goals with us. 

To see what your property could be worth at no cost (or to see what properties we have to offer) message us through our site or call.