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Have you been looking to move into Northeast Los Angeles but aren’t sure if buying a home is right for you at this moment? Are you looking to least but have yet to find anything worth moving into? Our Northeast Los Angeles real estate agency may have exactly what you’re looking for. As of this writing, we’re currently offering a home for lease at 2007 Baxter Street in Echo Park. If you’re interested, reach out for an exclusive appointment. 

Everything You Could Want in a Home 

From the moment you walk through the entry hall, you’ll notice the big rec room. Kids can play there and so can adults, as it’s perfect for entertaining. The main bedroom suite can only accurately be described as “palatial,” as in befitting a royal estate. This is due to the enormous size of the walk-in closet as well as the sheer spaciousness of the bathroom. 

How spacious is the bathroom? It has two separate vanities in addition to a step-in shower and a soaking tub. 

More Than Just a Great Kitchen 

It’s hard to note exactly which part of the kitchen is the most impressive when you enter. Between the stainless appliances, huge island, and granite countertops, it’s hard to pick just one thing. The island is so big, in fact, that you can use it for dining as well as for entertaining. If there’s something a chef could want (in addition to tons of storage) it’s all here in the kitchen. 

Of course, that island isn’t the only great dining area. That’s what the large living/dining area can be, too. With the beamed ceilings and fireplace, it’s as great for big holiday meals as it is for intimate gatherings. 

An Outdoor Area With a Great View and So Much More 

There’s not just one but multiple patio spaces on this property. They can be used for dining, for entertaining, or for just lounging and taking in the remarkable views of the surrounding hills. 

Those views are remarkable if you’re experiencing them while standing on the patio, yes, but for a higher level of luxury and relaxation, you can take in those great views from the above ground spa. This is one of those properties that, once you move in, you’ll find that plenty of friends, family, colleagues, and others just happen to invite themselves over to. 

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Northeast Los Angeles Real Estate Agency to Help You Get Into a Home or Sell One 

This is just one of the many properties that we offer. Indeed, it’s not even the only property that we have for lease. To see everything that we’re currently offering, we invite you to check out our site. That said, if you want to sell your property, we can help with that, too. Our team has helped so many to be able to get everything they wanted (and more) for their property, all while keeping the stress of selling to a minimum. 

To see how we can help, reach out to us through our site or call.